A Little Bit About Franks Diner

Franks Diner Motto: Be Nice or Leave!

We work extremely hard to serve as many people as quickly as possible. However, we cannot make your food cook more quickly or make the people waiting before you go away. If we are crowded and you are short on time, we suggest you join us on another day. Thank you for your patience!

Do not read the following paragraph. Last orders are taken a half hour prior to closing. No personal checks accepted. Cash only. Nothing larger than a $20. No Cash? ATM located downstairs. Be nice or leave. Don't shout. No singles in booths on Sat. or Sun. SLIDE! Feet off the furniture. Don’t talk about yourself, we’ll do that after you leave. Franks Garbage Plate should not be confused with the garbage in New York. Sit up straight. Everything is good today. Whining is unattractive. Tapping is even worse. Stop fidgeting. Don't play with your food. Did you wash your hands? Eat your vegetables. Don’t look, just cook. Never drink a beer bigger than your head. Elbows off the table. Cheer up. Tony, call your mother. Close your mouth when you chew. Everybody against the wall, stay in line and don’t block the doorway. Order what you want, eat what you get. Quit scratching. Have a nice day. Use your napkin. Liberals like to control people. It’s nine o’ clock somewhere. One-one-n-one. It’s nice to be nice to the nice. If you like us, tell others. If you don't, call corporate. If you substitute an item, we substitute a price! We reserve the right to add 18% gratuity to parties of 5 or more (we'll eyeball you to decide). Time to go? Don't be a stranger. Thank you. Please pay at the register.

History of Franks Diner

In 1926, there was some real excitement in downtown Kenosha when six horses pulled Franks Diner to the spot where it stands today. The structure was built by the Jerry O'Mahoney company in New Jersey and shipped to Kenosha on a railroad flat car.

Anthony Franks, who first learned of the unique restaurant opportunity through a magazine article, paid $7,500 plus $325 in shipping charges to launch his business. He added a dining room in 1935 and a larger kitchen in the mid 1940s.

The Franks family operated Franks Diner until 2001 when it was purchased by Kris Derwae, Lynn Groleau and Chris Schwartz. In 2006 Derwae moved on, but Lynn and Chris kept on cookin'! The original atmosphere and delicious food continue on. Franks Diner is now owned and operated by Julie Rittmiller and Kevin Ervin.

Franks Diner is proud to have been voted Best Breakfast and Best Diner in Kenosha County 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!

Franks Diner   |   508-58th Street   |   Kenosha , Wisconsin   53140   |   262-657-1017   |   Cash Only.